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Epiq Service Cloud: Infrastructure

Utilise a legal applications platform with secure data and user access, reliable infrastructure, and unified data management across a multi-cloud environments.

Empower your legal team with a platform that adheres to global compliance standards while reducing the complexity of managing multiple IT solutions and resources. 

  • Maintain uninterrupted operations across geographies, adhering to ITAR, HIPAA, and international data laws.
  • Protect legal data integrity and privacy throughout proceedings.
  • Facilitate collaboration across dispersed legal teams.

Integrate a solution that empowers your team to manage legal cases across borders, ensuring secure, compliant, and uninterrupted access to necessary applications and data.

Network Security and Access

Key Features

  • Achieve uninterrupted global use case management through reliable network connectivity.
  • Ensure client data confidentiality and use case integrity with comprehensive security measures.
  • Facilitate remote legal work and collaboration via secure virtualised access technologies.
  • Simplify IT operations and reduce complexity with integrated service management tools.
  • Integration of both physical data centers and cloud infrastructure for a hybrid IT environment.
  • Scalable infrastructure ready to adapt to the growing needs of legal department and law firm operations.

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