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Epiq Named 2022 Leaders in Tech Law Awards as a 5x Finalist

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NEW YORK – December 14, 2021 – Epiq, a global technology-enabled services leader to the legal industry and corporations, has been named a finalist in five categories by ALM in their annual Legalweek Leaders in Tech Law Awards.

Through these awards, and Legaltech News recognize law firms, corporate legal teams, and providers for innovation in the legal technology sector and for working on precedent-setting, game-changing projects and initiatives in the United States. A judging panel of legal tech professionals from corporations, academia, and media voted on the finalist selections. Epiq’s nominations are in the following categories:

Legal Operations

Epiq won the legal operations category last year and is a finalist again this year. In 2021, Epiq’s Legal Spend Solutions team leveraged its proprietary AI model to uncover over $11 million in cost savings for a global financial services team looking to understand its 2020 law firm litigation spend at the task description level. While a typical analysis focuses only on tasks and activities, Epiq used Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other advanced analytics toolkits to identify cost savings opportunities at a level of detail that a manual review had previously missed.

Championing Diversity in Tech

Epiq nominated senior global account director for legal services Alys Williams for her passion to champion, promote, and drive Epiq’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program. She is part of three Epiq Community Resource Groups (CRGs) – Black@Epiq, Epiq Women, and Epiq Pride – with collectively 500+ members and will be part of additional CRGs launching in 2022. She also helped create a monthly Diversity, Equity & Inclusion newsletter, among many other initiatives.

New Law Company of the Year

Through our AI model library program, Epiq has modernized how legal service providers engage with their clients and add value to them. While they understand the potential benefit, corporate legal teams and law firms often struggle with a lack of time or knowledge to use AI tools. Epiq’s AI model library program helps solve this problem, making AI accessible, repeatable, defensible, and efficient by providing a program and subject matter expert support. Under this program, Epiq works with our clients to build custom analytic models tailored to their needs, work product, and data while ensuring these models are reusable and refinable. Epiq then maintains, stores, and applies these models on the clients’ behalf or permits them to apply them across their portfolio of matters, using them again and again, saving time and money in the process.

Lifetime Achievement

Epiq’s senior vice president, eDiscovery Managed Services, in the Legal Solutions practice, Scott Berger, is a finalist in this category. Mr. Berger oversees the global eDiscovery managed services offering at Epiq, including all service delivery, sales, technology, and client satisfaction. Mr. Berger originally conceived of this business offering over a decade ago, taking a concept known to other industries and applying it to the legal technology and support industry with a goal of combating the unpredictability of price, service, and technology. Epiq’s Managed Services organization has grown from less than 20 professionals to more than 225 over the last 15 years, servicing multi-year enterprise service and technology agreements with law firms and corporate legal departments.

In-House Category: Most Innovative Operations Team of the Year

Epiq nominated Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.’s Government Investigations & Litigation team for this award. Johnson & Johnson, in collaboration with Epiq, designed a unique program for working with external law firms and service providers that creates both cost predictability and savings for investigations originating in several regions around the world, including APAC, EMEA, North America, and South America, and spanning more than 17 different countries. An Epiq global service delivery (GSD) team, comprised of domain experts and led by a director, leverages vast industry expertise in recommending the right advanced technologies and approach for each matter. The services are delivered in compliance with a customized playbook that details process, capped fee budgets, procedures, and workflows for repeatable results.

See Legalweek Leaders in Tech Awards 2022 Finalists Are Announced for more information on the awards program.

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