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Legal Operations Expert Mark Habbinga to Lead Panel Discussion on Litigation Metrics

NEW YORK – Feb. 27, 2020 — Epiq, a global leader in the legal services industry, today announced that Mark Habbinga, director of legal operations consulting and services sales at Epiq, will moderate a panel at the Corporate Litigation and Investigations Executive Roundtable hosted by Consero.

Habbinga will participate on the panel entitled, “Identifying Litigation Metrics & KPIs That Enhance & Empower The In-House Team,” on Thursday, March 5 at 3PM EDT. Fellow panel participants include Kate O’Leary from GE, Peter Howell from LPL Financial, Andrew Shriro from DraftKings Inc., and George Sukatos from Bank of America.

The session will cover: 

  • What litigation metrics do should be tracked?
  • How do practitioners harness and relay the data to key teams?
  • How has a data-driven approach helped organizations structure their efforts and achieve their goals?

“We’ve all heard the saying that ‘data is the new oil’ but like oil, data is virtually useless in and of itself,” said Mark Habbinga.  “It has to be located, refined into a consumable state, and distributed to distinct types of consumers  in a useful form.  The ultimate goal should be to transform your metrics into true legal intelligence that drives better legal and business decisions.”

Mark Habbinga has extensive experience advising law departments and helping them develop best business practices. He uses a tailored and client-centric approach to help organizations change the way they do the business of law.

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