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Epiq creates efficient workflows to deliver time sensitive Federal Trade Commission Second Request

  • Law Firms

client need

Respond to a Second Request under strict time constraints  

A leading U.S law firm needed assistance with a Second Request issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The client had a four-week timeframe and provided a significant amount of data (2.5 TB).  

why Epiq?

Due to the amount of data and the time constraints involved in this case, Epiq was selected by the law firm because of our track record in processing, analytics, and review services.  

Epiq solution

Customize workflows and processes using analytics

The Epiq client services team ran standard deduplication protocols and a date filter narrowing the collection by 65%, down from an initial 2.5 million documents.

Epiq was able to determine a set of potentially privileged documents (25% of the possible production set). The Epiq review management team further reduced that population by 80% using technology assisted review.

The Epiq document review team helped create a defensible privilege screen by identifying those likely to break privilege. Lastly, the documents were produced in a hosted database, where the regulator would have sole access.