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Epiq fulfills global UK Bribery Act investigation requirements quickly while complying with all applicable privacy laws in all jurisdictions

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client need

Forensically collect, process, host, and review data

A Japanese corporation’s European subsidiary received a hotline tip alleging a U.K. Bribery Act violation. Custodians resided in Europe and Asia, involving several countries’ data privacy laws. This complication made counsel wary of moving the data outside of Europe and Japan respectively.

why Epiq?

Given Epiq’s global experience, supported by our local bilingual experts, robust infrastructure, and outstanding review teams, the client knew Epiq had the expertise to meet their needs within the short timeframe.

Epiq Solution

Utilize Epiq’s experts and infrastructure to establish processes and workflows

To meet the very tight time frame, Epiq began by developing databases in both the U.K. and Japan, allowing for the secure movement of data.

Epiq’s multilingual staff were employed in the U.K. and Japan because of the numerous languages needed in the review process. Furthermore, specialized review facilities were used to ensure the most secure review possible. 

Experienced English- and Japanese-speaking project managers were used to enable best practices, such as daily summaries of the relevant parts of the Japanese “hot documents,” which were translated to English and provided to the law firm.