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Changes in Legal Operations - A Look Back Over the Last Decade

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Corporate Counsel Business Journal

As the legal landscape evolves at unprecedented speed, the role of legal operations within a business continues to transform. Legal departments are under increasing pressure to serve the business and reduce costs, according to an issue from Corporate Counsel Business Journal.

Catherine J. Moynihan, Senior Director, Strategic Intelligence & Advisory, Epiq

This looks different for every organization and needs change as priorities shift, outside factors influence business demands, and new technology trends. When the concept of legal operations first emerged, it was broadly defined as finding ways to run legal more like a business. This characterization still rings true today, but as the legal industry develops so do the roles of legal operations professionals. There are more defined responsibilities that fall under this umbrella and connect legal with the entire enterprise.

Read the full 2023 Winter Edition here.

Carrie Trent
Epiq, Director of Communications & Public Relations