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New client portal frees firms to focus on high-value activities

NEW YORK –MAY 17, 2021— Epiq, a global technology-enabled services leader to corporate legal departments and law firms, has launched new and improved updates to its LienDesk system. LienDesk, designed to relieve the administrative burden of lien resolution, is the only online solution for managing healthcare liens from beginning to end.

Using technology based on learnings from millions of resolved liens, LienDesk ensures the best possible outcomes for single event personal injury cases, while making the entire process more efficient. LienDesk acts as a firm’s back-office team to expedite client intake, audit medical records, obtain lien information, and manage correspondence. The system only alerts the firm when complex tasks, such as negotiation strategies, are needed. LienDesk frees up valuable time for the firm to focus on higher-value activities and client advocacy. With LienDesk, firms are no longer tied to the computer or phone and can focus on getting the best net recovery for their clients.

Key features of the platform include:

  • Self-guided processes which makes it easy for firms to load cases to the platform.
  • Experienced team to help manage every step of lien resolution.
  • Secure, online access provides firms with total visibility and control throughout the process.

“We have designed a unique solution that leverages our extensive experience resolving millions of liens, backed by our advanced technology that securely stores and organizes all client information while providing real-time updates,” said Crystal Utley, vice president mass tort solutions at Epiq. “We are continuing to innovate and find new improved ways to respond to the needs of our clients so they can spend time focusing on things most important to the success of their firms.” Firms that are already using LienDesk have noted that the system takes time wasted in administrative duties off their team, such as calling, faxing, and following up.

For more information on LienDesk or to schedule a demo, visit, email, or call at 833-222-1101.

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