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Maximize efficiencies and minimize risk by securing data. 

For over 15 years, Epiq has supported dozens of large pharma and medical device companies. Our team is made up of experts in specialized case management and enterprise database discovery processes specific to pharmaceutical litigation. We can assist clients with even the most intensive cases.

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Understanding both the technical and regulatory requirements of health care database systems consisting of protected patient information can present uniquely complex challenges. This is especially true in the context of pharmaceutical litigation. The resulting information created from these cases often involves unusual data types, stemming from events including clinical trials, sales, adverse events and FDA filings. 

With Epiq, clients have access to industry-best technology and data analytics capabilities. Our expert consulting team will guide you to make better informed decisions for business and legal matters. 

eDiscovery for Healthcare

Data leaks have the potential to be disastrous — of all of the security breaches recorded in 2018, nearly 30% were in medicine or health care. Protected health information is the second most commonly exposed type of data and, in the event of a breach, organizations must disclose all known information about the breach to affected patients. In an ever-changing landscape of strict data compliance regulations, organizations who mismanage confidential PHI are open to the risk of costly litigation as well as irreparable damage to their reputation.

Our best-in-class HIPAA compliance training has prepared our 600 eDiscovery employees to be well-versed in all data related to the healthcare industry, allowing us to create workflows for clients that will secure and protect all PHI within their digital environment.

Epiq has deep experience applying advanced analytics to eDiscovery matters for the benefit of an its health array of health-related litigated matters, regulatory reviews and internal investigations. Our proprietary applications care clients, using artificial intelligence in over thousands of legal matters in recent years, spanning an array of litigated matters, regulatory reviews and internal investigations. We provide non-technical attorneys with platforms to review, redact and produce complex data drawn from our proprietary enterprise systems. Epiq’s offering of HIPAA-compliant network environments resolves the traditional concern for security and allows for the easy turnaround of data. 

Following industry best practices for eDiscovery can help to minimize the risk of potential breaches or data noncompliance. From identifying and working with internal stakeholders to formalizing structured data production, our team employs a system of quality verification checks, promoting a focus on document control and patient security. With Epiq, clients can manage their costs and maximize their data security by minimizing resources spent implementing corrective actions, reducing the severity and volume of any quality incidents. 

Legal Transformation Services

Pharmaceutical litigation and regulatory investigations can be complex, expensive and time-consuming matters that are typically document-intensive, involving multiple jurisdictions or class actions at even a global level. There are unique risk factors associated with multifaceted product liability, antitrust and patent cases, resulting in the need for teams to manage large amounts of legal data stored across enterprise environments.

For more than ten years, Epiq’s consulting group has honed its expertise in specialized case management, utilizing intelligence specific to pharmaceutical litigation gained from our database discovery processes. Our case management systems can not only be used to track cost-comparative analysis between cases, but can also use all sources of data in an organization’s legal environment to provide powerful insights.

Innovating Data and Simplifying Security 

Epiq’s team continuously assesses the market to identify new technology to improve upon our practices. We strive to provide our clients with meaningful data insights across all legal matters, and create added layers of security to highly confidential protected health information. 

By utilizing the latest, most powerful technology available to organizations today and looking toward the future, Epiq is ready to assist health care providers and pharmaceutical organizations with even the most complex legal, data and security needs.

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