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Translation Services

With offices in major international locations and matters spanning the globe, Epiq produces accurate and reliable transcripts and translation in 100+ languages.

Our team has built a strong reputation for high quality, cost-effective language services.

In fast-moving legal environments, the Epiq team is highly trained and understands that speed and accuracy are key. Whether your matter is taking place in Sweden, Hamburg or Paris, Epiq has a global network of highly skilled interpreters experienced in arbitration, litigation, inquiries, investigations, witness interviews, meetings and site visits.

With offices in major international locations, we can produce services in languages other than English.

Services include whispering interpretation and consecutive interpretation, as well as simultaneous interpretation services using interpreter booths, headsets and cabling.

Our teams of translators are carefully selected for their language skills and specialist knowledge, and can provide full or summary certified translations depending on your requirements. Epiq also works with partners to provide full translation services for documents and correspondence.

We provide a range of language services to help you achieve the most efficient and cost-effective solution tailored specifically to your needs.

For those who are deaf or hard of hearing, a live text stream similar to the courtroom real-time feed can be fed to a screen to enable full participation in company meetings, conferences and events.

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