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Case Study: Fortune 500 Company Gets Quick Access to Key Information in a High-Profile White Collar Criminal Matter

  • eDiscovery services in white collar matter


Fortune 500 Company


United States

Client need

The client received a large inbound production of 1.5 million documents from “the government.” They needed to quickly understand what was in the data so they could prepare for trial.

Client solution

Working closely with legal counsel, Epiq deployed Case Insights™ experts to quickly identify key information needed to prepare for trial, while simultaneously minimising the data set requiring eyes-on review. Using analytics and AI to perform targeted searching, experts identified a collection of interesting documents and used that to jump start a predictive model, ultimately generating relevance scores across the full review population and facilitating a quick review. Following the review, the Epiq team performed advocacy work to support the legal team, including drafting targeted searches to identify specific lines of questions for witness testimony and cross-examination, and identifying the best versions of documents for the trial exhibit list.

Why Epiq

The client felt confident working with a team who specialised in white collar investigations. Epiq’s dedicated global investigations team has experience handling over 1,000 global white collar, antitrust, and regulatory matters.

Results and Benefits


reduction in review population

Key documents quickly identified

Trial exhibit list prepared

Key lines of questions for witness testimony and cross-examination identified