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Nicholas Pouyiouros Senior Legal Operations Consultant

Germany | Ireland | Switzerland | United Kingdom

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Nicholas is Epiq’s Lead Legal Operations Consultant for EMEA and is responsible for ensuring excellence in client delivery.
Nicholas is a results-driven Legal Operational professional with a proven track record of helping leadership teams achieve tangible business benefits. With 18 years of experience driving change initiatives and supporting operational excellence in Legal, Compliance, and Risk on a global basis, often in regulated environments. Nicholas has consistently delivered enterprise-wide and team-level business transformations collaboratively and successfully.
Nicholas has a diverse range of experience, having worked within various legal environments, including law firms, in-house legal teams, and specialist consultancies. Furthermore, he has worked across multiple industry segments including technological, financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, media, mining and many others.
Nicholas's unique Legal Operations knowledge, coupled with his customer-centric approach, has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor who consistently delivers exceptional results.  He is dedicated to helping organisations achieve their business goals, and his ability to collaborate and drive change has made him a valuable asset to clients locally and globally. 

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