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AI Practice Group

Building Trust in AI for Legal

Today, corporate legal departments and law firms are evaluating new ways to use AI and Generative AI to deliver fast, efficient, and accurate outcomes to their stakeholders.

As early users of AI, Epiq integrates purpose-built AI across our Legal Service Management Framework, including our Discovery, Knowledge Management, Contracts Review, and Compliance offerings.

To assist you in deciding where to integrate AI into your legal and compliance work,  Epiq has a fully staffed AI Practice Group.   Our team will help you make informed decisions and build trust in the AI models you implement. 

AI Integrated Within Our
Legal Services Management Framework

Commercial and Contracting
  • Structured data set creation
  • Large-scale contracts review
  • Categorization of Outside Counsel Guidelines
Regulatory and Compliance
  • Pre-built subject matter AI models with proprietary search
  • Review high transaction volumes
  • Trendspotting and pattern recognition
Legal Service Management Framework
Legal and Law Firm Operations
  • AI Solution Design and Planning
  • AI for Knowledge Management
  • Data Architecture and Preparation for AI Solutions
  • Training Set Identification
M&A and Other Practice Areas
  • M&A Contracts Due Diligence and Post-Deal Integration
  • Use of TAR for predictive coding, review, culling, and highlighting content
  • Pre-built AI models to accelerate review process
  • Turn your data set into a knowledge set at the outset of the matter
  • Identify and redact privileged, personal, and sensitive information

What's Next for Epiq and Generative AI

To build trust in AI, we plan to establish and preserve ethical walls that reduce risk and AI hallucinations – generally defined as generating false information.

Using retrieval augmented generation, we can define and limit a search area for more accurate results.

The addition of these best practices will make automated summarization using Generative AI a viable next-gen Epiq client deliverable.

Meet Members of Our AI Practice Group

Epiq’s diverse, global team of lawyers and technologists have an unparalleled track record of managing large data volumes utilizing industry-leading technology coupled with decades of practical experience.



  • Legal and technical project managers
  • Technology and workflow experts
  • Data science and data analytics consultants


  • Experts in digital transformation for legal
  • Lean Six Sigma approach to quality and process improvement
  • Workflow automation experts


  • Strategic focus on ease-of-use and productivity
  • Case Insights™: Early case assessment and development
  • Metrics that Matter: Legal performance management program

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