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Merging expertise with tech for optimal business outcomes.

By combining industry-leading technology with hard-earned knowledge and expertise, Epiq has come to stand as the largest privately held provider of Legal Process Outsourcing and eDiscovery services, supporting leading financial institutions for over 15 years. Our financial services team is made up of project managers, technology assisted review consultants, review managers and subject matter experts with years of financial industry experience and expertise.

We've successfully supported clients in navigating some of the most complex global cases, oftentimes managing information stored across many terabytes of data and utilizing agile deployment of our full range of capabilities across multiple jurisdictions. We have worked to support clients including investment banking and private equity firms, commercial and retail banks, broker-dealers, lenders and insurers. 

Epiq’s extensive suite of financial solutions and team of experts can help your organization achieve better business outcomes backed by data-driven analysis and insights.


For more than 15 years, Epiq has provided financial services clients with best-in-class Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) and eDiscovery services. Our dedicated team can help your organization achieve total compliance with regulatory requirements and internal processes with our research, risk and compliance services. We also offer a range of eDiscovery solutions such as Technology Assisted Review (TAR), forensic collections and processing and hosting.

We are proud to count many Fortune 500 companies and AmLaw 100 firms as users of our eDiscovery solutions, a client base that includes four of the top global investment banking firms. Our financial eDiscovery services include forensic collections, processing and hosting, Technology Assisted Review, managed review and production services. Massive volumes of data can be instantly imported, synthesized and tagged for review so that clients are able to respond to internal, due diligence, litigation or regulatory requests with ease. 

As the largest privately held provider of litigation support and eDiscovery solutions, our clients range from investment banking and private equity firms to commercial and retail banks, broker-dealers and lenders and insurers. We have extensive experience working with international corporations, supporting the most complex, global cases that are often composed of tens of terabytes of data. Epiq’s team is prepared to support any financial institution's case with processes built to fit your organization’s needs, regional location and scale. Our customer profiles include: 

  • 16 of the Top 20 Largest Investment Banks
  • One of the three largest global insurance companies in the world
  • 147 of the  Fortune 1000

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Business Transformation Solutions

Our clients have access to the industry's most advanced printing, distribution and communication services without having to spend the time or capital investing in the required infrastructure or human resources to build their own. 

Epiq’s state-of-the-art equipment and software will maximize fulfillment accuracy and efficiency, reducing your overall postage and improving delivery and processing time. In the face of any unforeseen obstacle, our high-capacity, in-house contact center is prepared to handle all of your needs. Drive impactful operational change and cost saving initiatives through Epiq's corporate and financing transaction administration solutions that are backed by an experienced team, resources and innovative technologies.

Regulatory and Compliance

Financial organizations produce massive amounts of data every day. Epiq's extensive experience, advanced technology and attention to detail has supported clients including  banks, midsize financial companies and mortgage services in the process of regulatory and compliance information management to maximize accuracy and reduce risk. Our services can support clients of any scale in managing regulatory settlement administrations and voluntary remediation programs.

Innovation and Superior Support

Epiq’s solutions for financial organizations are customizable — our processes and strategies can be adapted to fit your organization's specific requirements, regional location and scale. Our team brings their own expertise as well as clarity, agility and confidence to every case and are equipped with the industry’s best technology to handle clients’ most complex financial needs. 

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