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End-to-End eDiscovery Services

Epiq teams are world class individually, and even better when working together

Fully integrated eDiscovery is the modern standard. When you partner with Epiq as your strategic provider you will enjoy lower overall costs, reduced risk, improved efficiency for your teams, and earlier access to critical data. Better yet, you will be able to gain insights and quantify this advantage via cohesive, on demand reporting and metrics. ​ Team up with the industry leading services provider for every step of your eDiscovery process.

Get in Touch with Epiq and get answers to your questions and find out how our End-To-End eDiscovery offerings can help your firm or business.

Why Partner with Epiq for your End-To-End eDiscovery needs?

Lower your costs

When working with Epiq for your entire eDiscovery process, you get the advantage of Epiq experts working together at the onset of your project. This means Epiq AI and review experts will make recommendations early on that will result in less data being stored, fewer documents getting reviewed, and multiple other process efficiencies that will drive down your costs.​

Since our teams will have control over the whole process, we can also offer flexible pricing options such as per document pricing.

Reduce your risk five ways with Epiq

access control

Better Project
Access Control

Access to your matters is via Single Sign On, multi-factor authentication, and if desired, via Federated Access

secure platform


Epiq now holds the industry’s highest Bitsight score due to the modern and secure infrastructure behind the Epiq Service Cloud

Fewer copies

Fewer Copies
of Your Data

When you use Epiq for end-to-end eDiscovery there are fewer copies of your data and you have more control over who has access

no missing documents

No Missing

Epiq’s superior AI capabilities mean that no important document if left behind, meaning no surprises during litigation

defensible process


Your eDiscovery processes will stand up in court due to Epiq’s gap free and proven end-to-end processes


Optimize legal processes with efficient eDiscovery solutions

Working with a single eDiscovery provider clearly provides improved eDiscovery efficiencies. At the same time, Epiq is working to improve efficiencies for your team. During your first project with Epiq, our New Client Gateway Team will ensure you have access to all the efficiency tools we offer via Epiq Access, including online work requests and on demand reporting. As you do more work with Epiq, your “Forever Team” will get to know what works for you, and will be your single, unified point of contact for streamlined communications.

Gain a competitive advantage

Epiq’s superior use of AI technologies via our Case Insights™ team means you can find that needle in the haystack early in your process, enabling you to make decisions and resolve differences more quickly. In addition, our ability to “leave no important document behind” means you won’t be surprised by unexpected information during negotiations or trials. ​

Learn more about Epiq’s end-to-end eDiscovery services

Get in Touch with Epiq and get answers to your questions and find out how our End-To-End eDiscovery offerings can help your firm or business.