eDiscovery Services for Cross Border Success

Epiq brings eDiscovery excellence to Hong Kong and can help you rise to every challenge—from the simplest data collection project to complex regulatory investigations and beyond.

Data today is more complex and voluminous than ever before. Emerging technologies continue to create new data sources that could prove pivotal to the resolution of an investigation, arbitration, or other matter. When you add cross-border challenges into the mix, it becomes more critical than ever to partner with a provider that offers local convenience with a global reach.

Choose Epiq as a Local eDiscovery Partner

Epiq has been working closely with global law firms and corporations to solve eDiscovery challenges in Asia since 2008. We currently have 13 offices and 5 data centres in the Asia Pacific region, with a Secure ISO 27001-certified data centre right in Hong Kong. Having on-ground eDiscovery professionals in region provides us with the tools to help you efficiently and expediently manage eDiscovery projects in the diverse legal and regulatory landscapes that exist amongst Asian countries. This also provides the ability to manage data within centres located in the country of origin. We also have unrivalled experience in providing Asian support for cross-border arbitration, mergers, litigation, internal investigations, and regulatory responses to various authorities.

Find out how Epiq can meet your unique discovery needs

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The best discovery technologies to meet your needs

Epiq offers globally integrated end-to-end eDiscovery services including expert consulting, forensics, hosting and processing capabilities, document review, TAR technologies, and more. Choose from today’s most complete suite of powerful, integrated eDiscovery consulting, technology, and service solutions like Epiq Discovery or Relativity to achieve unmatched clarity, speed, and efficiency. Our solutions can meet your discovery requirements for mergers and acquisitions, cross-border investigations, international arbitration, and other dispute resolution needs.

A secure on-site solution option enables the process and review of data on your own premises behind your own firewalls. This provides the opportunity to conduct investigations or meet other critical demands wherever and whenever the need arises. Opting for this service in conjunction with Epiq’s document review services will help you scale and utilize your human resources efficiently. For document review, we have a staffed in-house centre in Hong Kong to keep data in the origin country, but also offer remote review capabilities if desired. Providing real-time support and local language capabilities in region provides ease of access and increases efficiency.

Subject matter experts with cross-border experience

Our experienced, accountable consultants and project managers deliver the right resources, in the right place, at the right time for matters of any size or locale. You can expect deep industry experience in the financial services, pharmaceutical sector, insurance, electronics, and energy verticals, as well as consumer-based companies. Our staff of experts have knowledge in evolving global privacy laws like Europe’s GDPR and China’s PIPL, investigative requirements by the U.S. SEC and DOJ for mergers, and other regulations like the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or U.K. Bribery Law that Hong Kong organizations may encounter during an investigation.

Knowledge in complicated cross-border legal matters

Epiq’s team can offer strategic advice and assistance with complicated cross-border issues including regulatory requests from U.S. agencies, compliance requirements, and corporate internal investigations. We can help you scale up to meet quick turn regulatory demands. Our technology expertise can also help you scale down the actual requirements. A key discovery tool that promotes cost reduction and maintains efficiency is using AI-based technology to significantly reduce your data set that needs to be reviewed.

A customizable partnership

Epiq can help any legal team build and enforce consistent discovery processes across geographies, creating global efficiencies and delivering better legal outcomes. The key is deploying the right mix of people, process, and technology.

Each eDiscovery solution is customized to your needs, whether it’s project-based eDiscovery, a managed services partnership or document review services. Clients can choose the flexibility of per-GB/per-custodian pricing, the cost predictability and control of fixed-fee managed services, or an on-call network of attorneys to review high volumes of data efficiently and within tight deadlines. We can also collaborate on the creation of a global playbook that offers several benefits like process consistency, reduced risk, managed costs, and regulatory compliance insights.

World-class data security

Epiq maintains a full-time staff of certified information security professionals to manage our security program. Regular audits and risk assessments are combined with an advanced intelligence network to assess potential security risks. We operate SSAE 16 and ISO 27001 certified data centres around the world, all with hardened exteriors sitting on dual power grids, employing generator backup, and 24/7/365 closed circuit and manned monitoring.

Contact us for a consultation to discuss how Epiq can transform your eDiscovery capabilities with a manageable, predictable cost structure, a cutting-edge global perspective, the ability to scale quickly when needed, and support from top minds in the field.



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