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Legal Operations


Our proprietary PracticeView Methodology is designed to deliver actionable visualisations of complex qualitative and quantitative assessments of your capabilities. 

Deliver a framework and recommendations for achieving enterprise capabilities

  • Operational and Process guidelines 
  • Workflow and Automation 
  • Governance 
  • Organisational change 
  • Technology 

Understand how users in the department need to:

  • Create, Use and Manage Work Product 
  • Collaborate and Interact 
  • Deliver Client Service 
  • Measure Performance 

Develop a roadmap for proposed capabilities and process improvements

  • Leverage enterprise capabilities and harmonise processes for more predictable and dependable client service and outcomes 
  • Capitalise on opportunities to leverage information needs across practices 
  • Focus on improvements that are strategically integrated with the business functions’ objectives and visions 
  • Process driven improvements that ensure meeting the needs of stakeholders and business clients 
  • Exploit and share expert knowledge from all sources internal, cross business, external advisors to deliver innovative solutions 
  • Secure stakeholder buy in and continuously drive change management throughout the project  
  • Detailed Scorecard analysis of key transformation areas
  • Assessments of operational strengths and opportunities
  • Establishes framework and context for Capabilities, Strategy and Roadmap 

We’ll help you to develop and execute strategic short and long-term technology roadmaps, including budgeting, staffing, resource allocation, and competency development, in support of the most effective practice management and service delivery possible.

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