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Supplier Diversity Policy

Commitment to supplier diversity is an integral component of Epiq’s corporate social responsibility program.

We recognize its importance in providing us with a significant position of strength in which to perform in the marketplace.  We take pride in our strategic supplier partnerships and embrace the vision and mission of our supplier diversity initiative.

Our vision is to institutionalize Supplier Diversity in all contracting and procurement initiatives within Epiq to promote, increase, and improve the participation of minority-owned, woman-owned, disadvantaged-owned, LGBT-owned, veteran-owned, HUB Zone, Section 8(a), and small businesses.

Our mission is to integrate and implement a measurable, quality Supplier Diversity process into all purchasing activities that supports strategic sourcing and all lines of business as we work to meet client and business needs.

At Epiq, we strive to incorporate small and diverse suppliers into our strategic sourcing process to promote competition and ensure equal opportunity for all suppliers. We put our efforts to integrating supplier diversity into our business strategies, including diverse suppliers in sourcing events, setting high standards of performance, assisting in supplier development, and improving spend goals with diverse suppliers. We also encourage sub-contracting opportunities for all diverse business classifications by requesting Tier 2 diverse spend reporting and Supplier Diversity Sub-contracting/Participation Plans from our prime vendors.