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Competition: Global Merger Reviews, Enforcement Actions, Litigation and Investigations

End-to-end discovery services for competition merger reviews, enforcement actions, private litigation and investigations​

By combining competition subject matter expertise with a sophisticated use of technology, our team can help you negotiate data and Technology Assisted Review (TAR) protocols, process data efficiently, quickly and accurately identify privileged content, and meet rigorous production requirements. We understand the data and analytics requirements of government regulators across the globe and can advise on best practices for complying with their current specifications.​ Our global bench of contract lawyers bring extensive experience working on competition matters.

Quickly respond to regulatory requests from domestic and international agencies

These projects are invariably high-profile, fast-moving, and critical to your company’s long-term success​

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End-to-end capabilities

We can help your team collect, assess, and produce highly sensitive data relating to acquisitions and mergers

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Global experience

Our experience includes Supplementary Information Requests (SIRs) in Canada, Second Requests in the United States, and competition investigations in the United Kingdom, European Union, Japan, China, Australia and other jurisdictions​

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Team player​

We work closely with corporate and outside counsel to utilize cost-efficient and defensible processes to ensure compliance​

Epiq’s deep bench is ready to support your team​

Epiq’s team has handled 250+ Second Requests, Supplementary Information Requests, and Phase I/II Investigations​​

Work with the industry’s most experienced Competition Team​

  • 50+ full time professionals who work exclusively on competition and antitrust matters​
  • 800+ contract lawyers across the globe with significant industry experience​
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Learn from the industry’s most trusted Competition Team

  • Custom CPD/CLE presentations for your team – best practices for handling data in competition matters
  • Presentations can focus on mergers, enforcement actions, and/or private litigation and investigations​
Request Free CPD/CLE

Facing competition litigation or a government enforcement action, or conducting an internal competition investigation? Epiq can help.

Expertise and familiarity are key when working on competition matters


With deep subject matter expertise, we provide solutions to fit your business' demands when you need it the most.


Forensics experts for Dawn Raid Support

Regulatory agencies with oversight over competition laws and corporate criminal investigations have the authority to conduct unannounced searches (a “Dawn Raid”) of documents at a company’s premises and private residences. When a company is subject to a Dawn Raid, data that is held electronically – either locally on premises or sometimes in the cloud – will be seized or forensically imaged for detailed examination by the authorities.

Regulators in Canada and abroad recognize the value of technology-assisted review (TAR) workflows as important tools that can prevent massive data dumps and allow them to focus their analysis on critical and relevant data. TAR workflows, defensible processes, and data handling is where Epiq is the best of the best.​

Data Analytics

For all types of competition and antitrust matters, our data and consulting experts work closely with legal teams to choose the technology tools that best suit the needs of the matter and provide advice on their strategic deployment. These tools, when combined with defensible processes for data processing and review, drive consistent and defensible results, while reducing costs significantly.

We Take Data Security Seriously​

We understand that the security and privacy of our clients’ information is paramount. That’s why we’ve invested in a layered and robust set of security controls and technology to protect your data. We are also committed to a culture of security mindfulness. All employees routinely undergo cybersecurity trainings to ensure that safeguarding information is a core practice in all that we do. We believe cyber security vigilance is all of our responsibility.​

Are you looking to proactively mitigate corporate regulatory risk?

With Epiq Regulatory Risk Insights™, a unique service that deploys cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, and substantive expertise, you can gain early and critical intelligence about actions and behaviour reflected in corporate data that may create legal liability.

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