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Office Services

Improving office service operations across industries with better people, processes, and technology

In an increasingly digital world, organizations must mobilize to transform their daily operations and processes to align with the needs of an evolving market. Firms should realign their operational strategies to support an actively expanding remote work environment. The notable shift to a larger remote workforce presents organizations with an opportunity to scale productivity and maximize resources through the reimagining of traditional employee roles. By outsourcing standard office services, organizations can experience a higher quality of output across their core functions as well as a reduction in long-term costs.

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Epiq has delivered office service support and solutions to nearly 500 firms while also providing industry-best personnel, equipment, and technology solutions. Our teams introduce their own expertise and utilize best practices to improve service delivery to clients. Organizations that partner with Epiq and embrace new outsourced service solutions can benefit from seamless business continuity, reduced risk, operational efficiencies, and improved cost management initiatives.
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Onsite outsourcing solutions

Traditional operational models are no longer effective for adapting to unprecedented shifts in demand and workload. Our onsite outsourcing office solutions allow firms to increase support whenever needed, but also reduce the demands associated with operational and administrative management functions. We empower our clients to invest their time and resources strategically by removing the burdens of managing these functions in-house:

  • Copy, print, and production services

  • Mailroom services and digital mailroom (DMR)

  • Hospitality and reception

  • Mail management services

  • IT support services

  • Resource reporting and EpiqConnect

  • Records and information management (RIM) outsourcing

Epiq’s training and improvement paths have enabled our teams to possess a wide scope of knowledge that successfully support business continuity and fill any operational gaps as needed. Clients can maintain stability within their organization while removing the stress of external procurement, onboarding, and training that can often tax a human resources team during a restructuring. These functions are necessary to daily business operations in any industry, however, by entrusting Epiq’s experts and technology-backed solutions, organizations are able to provide the best service to their own clients with more agility, flexibility, and efficiency.

Office services with a consultative approach

Our consultative approach, domain expertise, and unwavering commitment to cost management, makes Epiq a trusted process outsourcing advisor and partner. Epiq leads across industries by taking on complex and critical professional support tasks for organizations with improved efficiency, speed, and confidence.

Clients benefit from our deep experience and global network. We deliver new efficiencies and cost saving measures to our clients, which allows them to combat the impact of structural changes and stagnating revenue growth. Epiq works to align our tested processes with the needs and business objectives of our clients. We provide business continuity and execute dynamic strategies in the face of any unexpected interruptions to business.

Clients can expect an individualized approach from our operations team and a collaborative line of communication. Our industry-best approach and a high caliber of talent supports a growing workload and can help identify then capitalize on new efficiencies.

Managed office services with the Epiq difference

While the impact of COVID-19 is ongoing, the pandemic disrupted standard operating procedures for many organizations and became a catalyst for digital transformation. In response, Epiq has worked with our clients to adapt our processes to support an evolving workforce and to identify greater operational efficiencies. To support ongoing business continuity for our clients, Epiq has maintained direct and proactive communications with clients throughout the pandemic.

We enable our clients to pivot and recalibrate to ever-changing market trends. By adopting transformative digital solutions, organizations are equipped to set the industry standard for years to come. Whether an organization’s corporate strategy is built on a foundation of technology or the utilization of best-in-class talent, our expert consulting team will introduce best practices to clients and identify the most impactful opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiencies within their current operations.

Epiq delivers a high level of technology-backed services and innovative solutions to fuel our clients’ organizational success. We employ industry expertise and unprecedented resources to deliver efficiency gains and cost savings for clients.

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