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Onsite Litigation

Epiq is a global leader in all aspects of litigation support and delivers unparalleled expertise in design, implementation and management of high-capacity litigation support centers.

A challenging legal environment, limited in-house resources for large-scale litigation document production, highly compressed timelines, and the ramifications of mishandled case documents have put mounting pressure on law firms to deliver best-in-class litigation support. Many firms have chosen to partner with Epiq as their onsite litigation support provider, reaping the benefit of efficiency, quality services and cost effectiveness.

A complete and scalable onsite solution

Our consultative onsite litigation production support services take care of every detail, from large-scale electronic processing, workflow design, solution integration to database construction. When any unexpected needs arise, surpassing onsite capacity, our national network of off-site facilities can nimbly bring to bear an impressive array of resources to provide responsive and reliable support.

  • Large-scale litigation processing
  • Document imaging
  • Document coding
  • Project management
  • Forensics and data acquisition
  • Discovery review featuring best of breed review tools
  • Court reporting
  • Videography

Deep bench with litigation technology and process talent

Epiq has a proven track record and demonstrated expertise in conceptualizing, strategizing, designing and implementing litigation support centers. The Epiq team of national litigation support specialists coupled with seasoned onsite litigation support teams, have the know-how and right tools to meet the most demanding litigation support needs. From workflow re-engineering, technology platform optimization, software and hardware integration to complex, high volume and confidential project management, Epiq offers comprehensive onsite and offsite litigation support solutions.

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