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Navigating complex business operations and legal services can be difficult when you’re trying to run and maintain your own business. 

At Epiq, we’ve helped our clients handle complex legal challenges for decades. With high-level subject-matter expertise, mixed with years of experience, we can provide solutions that fit your business or firm's demands when you need it the most. 

We consider ourselves the global leader in corporate restructuring and legal services. Through a variety of effective strategies and our proven track record, we can help your law firm, corporation, financial institution or government agency streamline a variety of legal solutions so you can focus on running your business and managing the forefront of your legal case. 

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Our services include:

1. eDiscovery, Litigation & Investigation Services

From data collection to complex document reviews, Epiq uses a powerful suite of integrated eDiscovery software to synthesize, import, tag and review documentation with clarity, speed and efficiency in mind. With flexible project pricing and delivery, subject matter expertise, world-class data security and a global scale of service, we can meet all necessary litigation and investigation requirements, from concept to completion, using eDiscovery

2. Regulatory & Compliance & Information Governance

When faced with a cyber breach or similar investigative occurrence, a quick and efficient response is necessary if you want your business to thrive. Using our industry knowledge, experience and prior relationships with data breach insurance providers, we supply an extensive suite of comprehensive services for regulatory, compliance, government and voluntary remediation, and data breach response. 

Our consultative and administrative information governance experience, backed by smart technologies, allows us to better manage your information and current governance strategies for an efficient and data-driven solution. 

3. Business of Law Services

Epiq is in the business of assisting the legal departments among law firms as well private and public corporations and financial institutions with restructuring issues and overall business performance efficiencies. Using modern technology, data analysis, years of experience and industry expertise, we can leverage business of law services that drive cost efficiencies, improve performance across the board and follow technology trends across the legal sector.

4. Class Action & Mass Tort

We handle all class action administration matters regardless of the depth or complexity. Using state-of-the-art technology, our experienced attorneys and administrative consultants are trained to prioritize speed, precision and accountability in any event of a class action lawsuit. They will develop and execute a comprehensive plan that results in the utmost client satisfaction and transparency to ensure efficient, accurate reporting throughout each stage of claims processing.

In terms of mass tort settlements, we offer the best-in-class solution to manage your case through a comprehensive, transparent program that complies with all involved parties’ requirements. We understand the responsiveness a mass tort settlement needs and will provide relentless support from start to finish. 

5. Chapter 11 Corporate Restructuring

Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases can be highly demanding. We can help you navigate the hurdles that come with corporate restructuring through our pre- and post-filing consultancy, claims management, strategic communications, committee solutions and more.  

6. Bankruptcy and Trustee Services

Being the lone individual in power of the administration in trust of a legal obligation can be an intimidating feat. At Epiq, we can take care of case management tasks and provide solutions  for Chapters 13, 12, 11 Subchapter V, and/or Section 128 bankruptcies. Our decades of experience in managing all types of bankruptcies, backed by our technological solutions and industry knowledge, enables us to provide a solution that’s not only timely for your business but also efficient in all aspects of the process. 

7. Business Transformation

With our experienced team of legal professionals, valuable resources and innovative technologies, we can help your business make major operational improvements while reducing costs across the organization. Some of our business transformation solutions include: 

  • Office Services

  • Operational Digital Transformation

  • Administrative Services

  • Records and Information Management

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At Epiq, we want to leverage our knowledgeable team of professionals and use of innovative technology to ensure you receive the support you deserve. We take pride in our unmatched expertise, industry knowledge and data accumulation and processing to provide the most insightful, technology-led approach to improve your current business operations and processes.

From management solutions to restructuring services, we have the expertise and resources to assist no matter the legal obligation.

Contact us directly with any questions and to further discuss your needs and our services. 

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