Claims Administration

Having successfully administered thousands of cases, including many of the largest, Epiq is the proven global leader in comprehensive claims management and administration for class action.

Expert led claims administration 

Count on hands-on, personal support from our expert class action team—from start to finish. We design and customize all your claims procedures and processes to the exact requirements of your matter. This establishes a critical foundation of accuracy and efficiency for every administrative task to come.   

We’re experts in claims administration fundamentals, including: 

  • Litigation
  • Financial management and distribution
  • Complex claims management
  • Information techonolgy
  • Dispute resolution 

Cost-efficient, secure processes   

We can input and manage your claims faster and with greater accuracy and efficiency than anyone else, enabling you to realize significant cost savings. Sophisticated claims processing seamlessly handles all mailed, faxed, and electronically submitted claims. We leverage today’s most advanced data capture technology, including document imaging, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR). All claim processing work we do for you is handled in-house, for ironclad control over private information. 

Easy-to-use technology 

We use emerging best practices to empower claimants, cut costs and speed processes. Our claims management system is tailored to allow thousands of claimants to conveniently file claims online and receive instant notification of their claim status and payment. It was the first-ever Canadian, “A to Z” class action e-claim system. Claimants endorsed online filing as an easy means for accessing justice. Our clients benefit from a  system that offers secure, faster and more accurate distribution of settlement funds. It’s one more way Epiq bypasses our competitors. 

Independent claims auditing services 

Epiq provides independent claims auditing services including: 


Conducting independent audits to verify third party administrator compliance with program requirements 

Monitoring claims practices of a third party administrator 

Reviewing systems to assess risk awareness and risk control procedures of a third party 



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