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Case Study

Epiq automated eDiscovery workflows and best practices help large energy company

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client need

Implement eDiscovery best practices in a repeatable way while eliminating manual errors 

The client a large multinational energy company has multiple legal team members, located globally, who regularly load responsive data to an eDiscovery platform to manage 3rd party subpoenas. The client wanted to establish custom, automated workflows that could be utilized by its global team to reduce manual coding errors and save time. 

why Epiq?

Epiq’s reputation and expertise of being able to organize processes based on best practices was a key factor in the client’s management decision to choose Epiq. 

Epiq solution

Utilize Epiq Discovery’s automation capabilities  

Using Epiq Discovery, our client was able to effectively manage data by controlling overall data storage allocation and consolidating all datasets for multiple matters into one central repository. The client was able to automate steps for data ingestion, review and production.  

The Epiq implementation team evaluated the client’s current processes and standard deliverables, and converted these settings into new, custom project templates. By utilizing the process automation feature in Epiq Discovery, the team gained time savings and manual intervention. This feature enables the platform to automatically transition between required steps, allowing users to work on other tasks.