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Case Study

Epiq Counsel Provides In-House Commercial Law Support to Global Energy and Environmental Company

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Client need

The client required immediate and timely in-house legal assistance for commercial law-related matters when a member of its team unexpectedly needed to take a long-term leave of absence.  

why Epiq?

Epiq Counsel provides law departments with flexible and experienced lawyers and legal professionals covering all major practice areas on an interim, cost-effective basis. This Epiq service directly responded to the client’s needs.

Epiq solution

Using Epiq Counsel, Epiq assigned the client a lawyer with over 20 years of specific industry experience in commercial law as well as multilingual capabilities, enabling the client’s law department to continue supporting their internal stakeholders, despite their team member’s leave. The Epiq Counsel lawyer provided support with a variety of matters including, but not limited to, complex master agreements, employment in civil jurisdictions, JV’s, discrete segment group product rollouts, data protection and privacy contracts, and IP protection and licensing.   

results and benefits

Immediate support provided to the client during a period of significant distruption.
Cost-effective solution for complex in-house legal needs.

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