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Case Study

Epiq Discovery accelerates document sharing and review with process automation

  • Healthcare

client need

Efficient management of litigation claims

The client, a large non-profit health system, needed a way to manage and organize litigation claims internally and be able to efficiently and securely send data to outside counsel. They needed the ability to quickly upload new data to a project versus dealing with artifacts and allow for document sharing to help manage medical malpractice matters.

why Epiq?

The client was already engaged with Epiq to implement other litigation processes within the organization. After conferring with their internal IT Department regarding security compliance and with the new availability of Epiq Discovery, they chose to engage further.

Epiq solution

Eliminate manual intervention and total time required to make data available for review with process automation​

Consistent with both client IT and Epiq security protocols, the Epiq Discovery platform provided a safe and secure cloud location for client data. The client was able to quickly upload documents, to projects efficiently through the use of Process Automation.

Once available for review, documents were subjectively coded or exported for quick distribution to outside counsel. Uploading their case data to Epiq Discovery allowed the client to reduce the total storage size associated with large documents previously saved. By creating and managing all litigation claims in Epiq Discovery, the client was able to organize and consolidate all matters in to one central repository.