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Case Study

Epiq’s Enhanced Attorney Services Team Delivers Reduced Production Set on Tight Deadline via Second Level Review and Analysis

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Client need

A large manufacturing corporation needed to quickly confirm or disprove suspicions of anti-competitive behavior by a recently departed employee, under a tight discovery deadline, in a pending matter against a direct competitor.

Why Epiq

The client liked Epiq’s combination of legal and technical experience, proven workflows, and the capabilities of the highly trained and experienced Enhanced Attorney Services (EAS) team for second level analysis. As the only Alternative Legal Services Provider (ALSP) with a specialized second level review and analysis team, Epiq was also able to offer significantly reduced rates and increased speed when compared with outside counsel, due to Epiq’s substantive experience and access to the latest analytics and AI tools.

Epiq solution

The Epiq EAS team performed a second level analysis of an ongoing first level document review to finalize coding and hone down the final production set in collaboration with counsel. The EAS team used their substantive legal expertise and extensive expertise managing data in Relativity to craft multiple tailored scripts to capture any inconsistent coding between emails and documents that were either similar to one another or part of the same conversation. Differences in the assessment between such documents were efficiently isolated and vetted to ensure the final collection of producible documents was accurately and uniformly assessed.

The team also detected common patterns within the documents to identify document categories that needed heightened protection for business-related confidential information. In consultation with outside counsel, the EAS team was able to provide a more nuanced analysis of the documents coded as responsive during the first level review, to pare down the final responsive document set by 71% prior to the discovery deadline. The EAS team documented all processes via communications with counsel, providing defensible and transparent workflows throughout.