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Case Study

Global financial institution reduces discovery costs utilizing combined review teams in New York and India

  • Financial Services

client need

Reduce the cost of managed review while maintaining high quality standards

In 2018, the client needed to reduce overall costs and was willing to consider creative solutions, but without compromising on review quality and defensibility.

why Epiq?

The company was impressed with Epiq’s reputation for high quality review management. What sealed the deal, however, was Epiq’s willingness to run a pilot program to ensure the client was thoroughly happy with the proposed geographically-blended review process and outcomes.

Epiq solution

Designed a hybrid review model that utilizes a 24-hour cycle

The New York team performs all tasks related to early case assessment, quality control, review protocol drafting, reporting and review management, while applying the same standards, structure and format used for US-based reviews. The India team performs review, redactions and any necessary privilege logging, using standard client coding layout and facilitated questions through the team lead in New York.

Utilizing a 24-hour cycle, the India review team works during the day in India, then hands off the work to the team in New York for quality control and reporting.