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Five Ways to Overcome eDiscovery Challenges in a Chat-Happy World

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As the tech world expands and more and more employees are working remotely, chat messaging is being used more than ever for business purposes.  Corporations are fond of chat messaging tools because they are fast, convenient, have global capabilities, and support collaboration needs. These platforms have allowed corporations to keep operations running smoothly and mimic the working environment that employees were familiar with before the pandemic. It also means that there is an unprecedented amount of people communicating virtually, generating more data, and this data is getting stored in locations that are new to organizations.

While chat messages are great tools that streamline business operations, over the years they have consistently caused eDiscovery challenges. Chat message data is discoverable and oftentimes relevant to a case since the chats contain communication and work product. This creates a dilemma for attorneys participating in collection and review efforts during litigation. Failure to produce key data can result in case delays and even sanctions or dismissals. It is crucial for organizations to factor this into their eDiscovery strategies and explore solutions to help overcome the obstacles that chat messages impose on eDiscovery efforts. However, this can be a difficult feat because there are not many concrete resolutions available. This is where exploring new ideas, tapping into field experts, and working collaboratively with opposing counsel becomes crucial.

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