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With Epiq, you no longer have to compromise quality document review for speed or cost for precision. We partner with our clients to ensure the highest quality at a lower cost for each and every project.


Document review is the most important aspect of eDiscovery—but also the most time consuming and costly, often accounting for more than half of all eDiscovery costs. No matter the size of your review need, our document review experts will work closely with you to develop a strategy designed for your review, leveraging industry leading technologies and best-in-class review professionals to reduce your cost and exceed your expectations. Solutions range from staffing to technology-assisted review (TAR) to fully- managed review, and everything in between.

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Whether you need a staff of five or 500, we can assemble and deploy top-quality legal teams at a moment’s notice anywhere in the world. Our review management team is made up of industry veterans, each with valuable experience and a diverse range of specialized expertise. Reviewers are all qualified or barred to practice law and are in good standing in their respective domestic and international jurisdictions. Our broad team of review lawyers possesses an extraordinary range of qualifications, specialties, and expertise, a combination designed to ensure the highest review quality and accuracy. Based on your needs, Epiq can provide:

  • Lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants and litigation support staff
  • Case managers, claims, and contract administrators
  • Review managers and team leaders
  • Translators, coders, and quality control professionals

The experienced discovery and technology professionals at Epiq use proven data reduction strategies including filtering, de-duplication, and early case assessment to minimize review and production costs. We deliver more clarity with less noise, waste and risk.

Our intelligent prioritization technology ranks and organizes documents by responsiveness. This means that the most responsive documents are reviewed first, enabling you to make strategic decisions earlier, meet challenging deadlines, and reduce time and money spent reviewing documents.

We provide review services in our secure facilities throughout the United States and across the globe, including review centers in Frankfurt, Hong Kong, India, London, Tokyo, and Toronto. We have more than 2,350 review seats available worldwide. Our teams are physically separated and use work stations powered by thin-client technology, allowing us to tightly control the review environment and preventing unauthorized access to information.

Automatic speech recognition and audio data collection: The Epiq global network of audio system experts provide you with the most sophisticated automatic speech recognition (ASR) tools powered by Intelligent Voice®. You also have access to specialized software tools to facilitate the efficient collection of audio data.

Review: You have a choice of review services, from first-pass relevancy review of voice recordings to in-depth issue coding and privilege review.

Identification and collection: We help you produce comprehensive data maps and identification plans, as well as manage the process of minimizing data extraction from tape or archive. You’ll have all the tools you need to quickly and efficiently find the voice evidence you need, when you need it.

Compliance and monitoring: We work with you to design and implement compliance monitoring programs that document all required data-driven elements and reduce organizational risk. Our process/workflow ensures that implementation is rigorous, well-documented and defensible in case of future scrutiny. Your compliance teams also will be able to incorporate audio seamlessly into existing programs for monitoring textual electronically stored information (ESI).

Analysis, culling and prioritizing: When audio data and its associated metadata are initially collected and verified, there is often a much higher volume than is practical or necessary to review. We help reduce the cost and time of manual audio evidence review through identification of silence, inspection of metadata, indexing of voice recordings, automatic speech recognition technology, and sophisticated analytical tools.

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Managing Director, Document Review Services


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