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Epiq Chat Solutions

End-to-end chat data eDiscovery solution

Do you wonder how to produce text messages in discovery proceedings? How about chat messages and emojis? 

View collaborative chat conversations and instant messages as if you were using the custodians’ native chat applications with all the nuance and interaction needed to make sense of modern messaging.


Epiq Chat Solutions deliver one integrated workflow with matter-wide insights in an integrated platform. Learn how.

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Treat collaboration data like a conversation 

Preserve, Collect, Process, Analyze, Review, and Produce chat and other short message data with ease.  

Epiq Chat Solutions deliver:  

  • View 24-hour chat threads 
  • Review messages and attachments in familiar chat format 
  • Apply keyword highlighting 
  • Identify participants  
  • Render emojis inline 
  • Click to expand attachments and photos inline 
  • Navigate messages over a visual timeline 
  • Use analytics and TAR on chat content 
  • Redact and produce chat files 

Get the entire picture in a format that accurately represents the original conversation. Review conversations within Relativity – Epiq Chat Solutions deliver one integrated workflow with matter-wide insights in an integrated platform. 

Jack Grimes

Managing Director, Forensics

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