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Cyber Breach

Epiq’s in-house strategic communications team creates expert communications plans—critical in managing employee, customer, and investor perceptions surrounding a data breach incident.

Our strategic, experienced communications team can provide impactful, scalable, and cost-effective crisis communication and media plans to instill confidence and promote stability.

Rapid strategic communications guidance 

Our data breach and cyber incident team rapidly establishes and helps you execute communications that can instill confidence, promote stability, protect your data, reinforce your brand, improve your reputation, and enhance your human capital, all while ensuring regulatory compliance and consistency with legal strategy.

The advantage of field leadership 

The need to communicate clearly and consistently to a variety of stakeholders, on top of the demands of maintaining day-to-day operations, can strain resources and performance and distract from organizational goals. Therefore many companies rely on Epiq to provide specific crisis communications expertise.

In fact, we were the first legal services organization to provide strategic communications support to our clients and are recognized today as a leader in this area. With extensive experience across numerous industries on large and small data breach and cyber incident matters, we thoroughly understand what you are facing, from legal issues to financial concerns and more.

Get help setting up proper communications with Epiq's expertise.

Cameron Azari

Senior Vice President


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