Current Claims Filing Trends in Securities Class Action Settlements

Overall, 2017 was a busy year for securities class action lawsuits. It started at a blistering pace, and finished with the most suits filed since 2001, at a staggering 66% increase over 2016. The resolutions for securities cases, coming in at 353 total, was the highest number since 2001.  This is a 30% increase over 2016.

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The Changing Landscape of Consumer Class Action Notice

Reach. This word has become the measuring stick for how notice adequacy is judged in many class action settlements – certainly in consumer settlements with little or no class member address data. The term literally means the estimated percentage of an audience that is exposed to a message (though not necessarily the percentage that have actually seen it). But there's more to reach than just numbers - legal practitioners must be smart about balancing reach vs. cost in an effective way.

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Good Class Action Notice Boosts Participation and Results in Good Public Policy

Opinions vary widely on the value of class actions in our legal system. What shouldn’t be a matter of debate is that once a class action is settled, there is only one objective – informing class members of their legal rights and, if class members can get money, clearly telling them how to get it. It’s not only good for the settlement, it's good public policy in general. Large pools of unclaimed money going to cy pres can make a settlement look bad and invites objections - but even worse, it deprives class members of what the settling parties and the court have decided they are entitled to.

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