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Legal Operations

Epiq’s benchmarking services can help corporate legal departments and law firms accurately assess their legal operations capabilities and identify areas of improvement. Our subject-matter experts are equipped with industry-leading data analytics and expertise to help your team make better decisions and drive efficient results.



Our proprietary PracticeView Methodology is designed to deliver actionable visualizations of complex qualitative and quantitative assessments of your capabilities. 

Deliver a framework and recommendations for achieving enterprise capabilities

  • Operational and Process guidelines 
  • Workflow and Automation 
  • Governance 
  • Organizational change 
  • Technology 

Understand how users in the department need to:

  • Create, Use and Manage Work Product 
  • Collaborate and Interact 
  • Deliver Client Service 
  • Measure Performance 

Develop a roadmap for proposed capabilities and process improvements

  • Leverage enterprise capabilities and harmonize processes for more predictable and dependable client service and outcomes 
  • Capitalize on opportunities to leverage information needs across practices 
  • Focus on improvements that are strategically integrated with the business functions’ objectives and visions 
  • Process driven improvements that ensure meeting the needs of stakeholders and business clients 
  • Exploit and share expert knowledge from all sources internal, cross business, external advisors to deliver innovative solutions 
  • Secure stakeholder buy in and continuously drive change management throughout the project  
  • Detailed Scorecard analysis of key transformation areas
  • Assessments of operational strengths and opportunities
  • Establishes framework and context for Capabilities, Strategy and Roadmap 

We’ll help you to develop and execute strategic short and long-term technology roadmaps, including budgeting, staffing, resource allocation, and competency development, in support of the most effective practice management and service delivery possible.

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