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You have volumes of contracts, a need to understand what is in them, and a need to analyze them for a variety of applications, including compliance with new laws and regulations such as GDPR, due diligence support for mergers or acquisitions, creating a lease catalogue, exporting essential characteristics for loading into a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM system), preparing for the elimination of LIBOR clauses, and responding to external events such as the inability to fulfill contracts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Epiq provides expertise, powered by machine learning and natural language processing, to enable faster, more intelligent contract analysis by your teams, with the option to supplement and scale with Epiq team members.

Epiq can leverage machine learning tools to support any kind of contract analysis such as M&A transactions, lease reviews, employment contracts, financial services contracts, vendor contract management and more. Pre-trained algorithms find and extract hundreds of clauses, including clauses of interest for force majeure, real estate, oil & gas, financial services and more. Where the algorithms have not been trained, our teams can train the system to find new types of clauses.
The combination of humans and machine learning allows team members to analyze high volumes of documents in shorter time periods than possible by humans alone. The software can ingest and pinpoint data in hundreds of contracts within minutes. Our highly experienced project management and scalable teams provide quality control, extract clauses requiring manual intervention, and provide detailed reporting and metrics about your contracts.
Our contract analysis services reduce time and cost by an average of 50% over traditional analysis. By working with Epiq, you can leverage our expertise and our partnerships with technology providers. Epiq has sought out and partnered with best-in-class technology providers for contract analysis, and we have stood up a platform that your organization can utilize right away without having to invest in or maintain your own.
We have flexible options to meet a variety of needs. If your team needs help managing the end-to-end technical process, our highly experienced project managers can assist. We can also manage the analysis, help you scale with qualified onshore and offshore options including lawyers and non-lawyers, provide quality control, extract clauses requiring manual intervention, and provide detailed reporting and metrics about your contracts. Our teams can also leverage your own in-house software if you already have a contract analysis system in place.
Our platform leverages AI and machine learning to better organize your contracts. We don’t take the human component out of contract analysis, but we can make those humans faster and more effective.
On Friday, March 20 we led the industry response to COVID-19 by announcing we have enabled our North American and European review teams to work from home in environments that are highly secure, easy to navigate, and legally defensible, meaning we can continue helping with your contract analysis on an ongoing basis.

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