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Epiq Charitable Foundation

The Epiq Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide Epiq employees around the world support in the form of a financial gift to assist during an unexpected crisis or hardship.

Why Donate?

Following COVID-19, Epiq recognized that life often presents us with unpredictable or life-changing hardships on our employees and loved ones. These challenges place financial and emotional stress on our wellbeing and our loved ones. The Epiq Charitable Foundation puts our company values into action and creates the global infrastructure for our employees, clients and partners to walk alongside and support those who are struggling in our One Epiq family.

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If you would like to contribute to help an Epiq employee in need, please do so by choosing your preferred donation.

For Epiq employees in the U.S.:

Donate Here

For Epiq employees outside of the U.S.:

Donate Here
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For Epiq Employees

If you are experiencing a hardship and would like to apply to the Epiq Charitable Foundation for financial assistance, please click here.