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Epiq Assists Major Automotive Lender With PACER Alternative

  • Financial Services

Client need

A major automotive lender was looking for a PACER alternative to transform their current bankruptcy case management process, improve search capability and reduce document retrieval costs.

Epiq solution

Vertical: Bank and Non-bank Finance

Stakeholder: Bankruptcy Operations

Solution: Docket, Claims and Disposition Monitoring

Risk Area: Compliance; Secured Lending

AACER Docket Monitoring, which identifies daily changes to dockets, introduction of queues, improved case search and shared document retrieval (LinkshareTM) capabilities

Epiq results

Automotive Lender optimized their bankruptcy workflows, significantly reduced their search times and has saved millions in document retrieval fees.

Steps Involved

  1. AACER identifies case changes from all U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, then updates and automotically loads results into queues.
  2. AACER Operations QA's results and identifies anomolies with the customer.
  3. AACER returns results.
  4. AACER provides document links in the platform, which are color-coded to indicate document accessibility.