Epiq Case Insights Service Helps Client Identify Facts and Key Documents in a Massive Investigation

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client need

The client needed in-depth insights early in the discovery process. The company was proactively preparing for litigation and needed to understand the decision-making process regarding internal policies over a ten-year period. They had collected millions of documents related to policies that affected all employees and knew that finding the facts across several million documents was a Herculean task. 

why Epiq?

Epiq’s expertise, consultative approach, and use of innovative technology made the Epiq Case Insights team the perfect partner for this investigation. 

Epiq Solution

An Epiq analyst used extracted phrases, communication patterns, and sentiment analysis to identify potentially informative documents as well as project code names that might raise concern. This targeted collection was presented to the legal team during a substantive briefing to discuss workflow considerations and strategy. 

The analyst also identified 23 potentially significant documents that were escalated to the case team for review and further investigation. She reported that 43,000 non-relevant communications from one custodian, and a substantial collection of extremely personal documents should be removed. In the process of the investigation, the Epiq consultant also identified an internal HR issue. 

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