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Epiq's Hospitality Services Provide Swift Delivery

  • Law Firms

Client need

A New York law firm approached Epiq to learn more about its hospitality and back office support services. The firm was currently using a vendor for multiple service areas but was unhappy with the poor level of communication and low-quality results.

During their initial discussion, it became clear that Epiq could drastically improve the level of quality in back office and hospitality services. After discussing, the firm saw the value of consolidating all services to Epiq. The firm was eager to find a partner with strong communication and reliable results.

why Epiq?

Typically, there is a 45-60 day implementation and transition period at the start of a new contract, allowing the Epiq to transition into their new roles, observe current practices and develop strategies for implementing best practices within the firm. When Epiq was awarded the contract, the previous vendor abandoned the firm immediately, leaving only a short, 7-day turnaround

Epiq solution

Epiq operations managers immediately stepped in to rapidly train a high-quality team of nine on-site professionals to handle the print, copy, scan and mail room functions, and hospitality services. The teams began implementing best practices while simultaneously collecting feedback on historical frustrations so improvements could be made moving forward.

One key frustration was poor communications between the hospitality team and firm leadership. To counteract historical issues, the Epiq onsite team implemented event procedures that included the following:

  • Communication of set up, catering needs and staffing expectations prior to the event

  • Clearly communicated staffing assignments for day-of support team

  • Post-event surveys to evaluate successes and improvements moving forward

results and benefits

Despite the time constraint, the team was eager to begin built credibility and proving reliability to give confidence to the client. After only a few weeks, firm leadership was overwhelmed with positive feedback about the quality of communication provided by the Epiq team. One onsite staffer was even designated the “Queen of Hospitality” as a direct result of her high-quality service execution.

The Epiq team rapidly transitioned into serving the and implemented regular communication with the client team. After one year of working with the firm, the Epiq team continues to meet deadlines, deliver high-quality results and exceed expectations.

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