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Case Study: Financial Service Provider Reduces Breach Response Data, Review Time, and Costs with Epiq’s AI-Enhanced Review Platforms

  • Cyber Incident Response


Large US-based financial services provider



Client need

Post-breach data mining and review of large amounts of data in varying formats
When the large finance firm experienced a breach, vast amounts of sensitive information was exfiltrated, including 109,000 initial documents. Accurate review of multiple types of files and notification of impacted contacts was urgently required. 

Client solution

Leverage the latest AI-based data management tools to reduce data, save time and costs
Whereas cyber incident reviews have typically been performed using standard review software and traditional approaches, Epiq elected to use one of the latest AI-based data management tools available. Such tools, including Canopy or RelativityOne Personal Information Detect, allow for faster and more accurate processing, review, and notification management. This new technology also enables a platform to offer custom rules for PII detection including general PII, medical PHI, and more. 

Why Epiq

  • Epiq’s AI-based data mining and detection projects average 90%+ reduction in data sets compared to 75% or less using traditional methods.
  • Projects utilizing AI-based detection platforms required 40% less time for managers compared to traditional workflows, translating into lower costs for our clients.
  • Across all projects, AI-based detection platforms show higher efficiencies and those benefits are amplified as data sets get larger.

Results and Benefits


Faster review time than traditional methods


Reduction in data sets compared to 75% with traditional methods


Savings in labor costs including $5,000 in review costs per 10GB data