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Case Study: Government Entity Advances Management of Increasing Volume of Public Records Requests with Epiq Discovery​

  • Epiq Discovery


Prominent Water Utility Provider


United States

Client need

Manage an increasing volume of public records requests efficiently and in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Client solution

Optimizing FOIA Management with Epiq Discovery
The client faced FOIA challenges and found a tailored solution in Epiq Discovery. The platform’s capabilities in data collection, processing, and filtering enabled the client’s Information Governance team to conduct first level reviews more effectively. The legal team utilized the platform for precise second-level reviews, ensuring accuracy and compliance. The inclusion of redaction tools and task automation features in Epiq Discovery played a key role in streamlining the public records management process, significantly enhancing efficiency and minimizing labor-intensive tasks.

Why Epiq

Epiq Discovery was selected for its intuitive interface, efficient features like automated redaction and privilege tagging, and the comprehensive training and support provided by Epiq’s Customer Success Management team. The client valued these aspects for their contribution to a streamlined FOIA management process.

Results and Benefits

Time Efficiency

Epiq Discovery significantly reduced the time needed to process public requests.

Training and Support

The client praised the effective training and ongoing support from the Customer Success Management team.

Client Endorsement

The client strongly endorsed Epiq Discovery, stating, “Compared to our previous solution, Epiq Discovery is far superior.”

Operational Improvement

The client experienced a marked improvement in handling public requests, due to Epiq Discovery’s efficient workflow