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Large Financial Company Automates Claims Register Review

  • Financial Services

Client need

The financial institution needed a fast and efficient way to identify if a proof of claim was filed and on time. Additionally, acquired the loans and needed to identify if a transfer of claim was filed.

Vertical: Bank and Non Bank / Servicers & Subservicer

Stakeholder: Compliance & Risk, Bankruptcy

Solution: Premium Data

Risk Area: Compliance, Secured Lending, Unsecured Lending

Epiq Solution

AACER's Premium Data solution automatically identified and lifted the information from the proof of claim (POC) and transfer of claim (TOC) for specific entity names. The data was used to identify proof of claims that needed to be filed and to ensure that a transfer of claim was filed for the entire portfolio.

Epiq result

Our solution saved the financial institution from manually opening each case and reviewing the claims register for identification if a POC or TOC was filed.

Additionally, the financial institution was able to quickly identify the POC and/or TOC to be filed for compliance within their workflow.

Steps Involved

  1. Provide AACER with a list of cases and the data fields to be lifted from court filed documents.
  2. AACER locates, provisions and extracts the desired data fields from the documents.
  3. AACER delivers Premium Data results to customer.
  4. Customer leverages data for audits, remediations, QA or other requirements.