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Case Study: Global Financial Services Client Accelerates Time To Review With NexLP Cosmic Technology

  • Financial Services


A Global Financial Services company


United States

Client need

Deploy process efficiencies using technology tools to prioritize the review in a timely manner

A global financial services client with data in Asia had a short time to produce documents for a regulator in the United States. After filtering, 596,547 documents remained for possible review.

Client solution

Leverage the strengths of an India-based review team working with counsel in Hong Kong

Epiq teams worked together to create process efficiencies and reduce spend. Outside counsel assisted in this by reviewing 400 randomly selected documents to train NexLP and determine the level of ‘richness’. Following that, prioritized documents were reviewed by the Epiq review team based on highest rank from NexLP Cosmic and the classifier was continuously and automatically updated as review progressed, including second level review.

Why Epiq

The company sought Epiq’s expertise to quickly deploy an effective, cost-efficient and defensible technology tool to prioritize the review and eliminate nonresponsive content.

Results and Benefits


Documents eliminated from review.


Satisfaction, on-time delivery of documents to U.S. regulator.


Lower than expected costs.