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Large Online Mortgage Lender Integrates AACER Filer Match & Notify

  • Financial Services

Client need

A leading online mortgage lender with millions of borrowers identified that they were missing new filer notifications from their current vendor.

Epiq solution

Vertical: Bank and Non-Bank Finance

Stakeholder: Bankruptcy Operations

Solution: Filer Match and Notify

Risk Area: Compliance; Secured Lending, Unsecured Lending

Customer quickly moved to integrate AACER Filer Match & Notify into its daily processes and close all gaps.

Epiq results

AACER Filer Match & Notify immediately identified over 400 additional bankruptcy filings in the lender’s loan portfolio, preventing significant lost revenue for cases that were not being worked and additional federal non-compliance fees were negated.

Steps Involved

  1. Customer provides AACER their customer portfolio list.
  2. AACER matches customer list against new filings.
  3. AACER updates the platform and returns matched results.