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Case Study: Multinational Food Manufacturing Corporation Quantifies and Conveys the Value of the Corporate Legal Department

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Multinational Food Manufacturing Corporation


North America

Client need

The Client needed to understand their spend and show the value of the corporate legal department, including how they spent their time and resources internally and with outside counsel. The client also needed to demonstrate how their corporate legal data could be transformed into business intelligence and presented to executive shareholders.

Client solution

By integrating three of the client’s internal systems, Epiq feeds the data into custom Metrics That Matter dashboards that focus on employment practices, spend, litigation, investigations, and compliance. The team takes the data, normalizes it, standardizes it, and converts it into business intelligence, creating interactive dashboards. Utilizing these dashboards allows the General Counsel to quantify and convey the value of the legal department.

Why Epiq

The client relied on Epiq experts to integrate data from multiple technology platforms. Epiq experts evolved the dashboards and helped the client gain visibility and control of their legal department activities. With Epiq’s support, the client’s business and C-suite reporting requirements were met.

Client Quote

“We received a lot of credit for already thinking about data and metrics well before we were asked to, and the feedback was that we “set the standard.” This [Metrics that Matter] will enable real enterprise impact.”

Results and Benefits

12 dashboards were deployed

across practice areas, including employment, spend, litigation, and compliance.

Delivered persona- specific dashboards

with secure access at the General Counsel and practice area level with filters for status, time period, business function, matter type, and attorney.

Integrated data

from investigations, complaints, HR system, and litigation into a heatmap of legal matters at each food processing location.


potential savings identified by insourcing legal work.


demonstrated cost savings by outsourcing work to an ALSP.