New Epiq Discovery tool helps large IT company with mass internal email review

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client need

Review mass emails, create batch assignments for reviewers, as well as manage small scale litigation matters

The client, a large multinational enterprise information technology company, needed a complete review of all internal employees’ email. Additionally, the organization needed an improved management system for small scale litigation matters, a quick turnaround on DSAR requests, all while maintaining cost considerations.

why Epiq?

As an Epiq customer for other matters, the client was introduced to the new Epiq Discovery platform and trusted the solution could help with their immediate needs.

Epiq solution

Efficient data organization and review

Epiq Discovery (ED) allowed for simple tagging which granted a greater ability to organize data for easier and quicker review. It facilitated better awareness across the review team and helped improve de-duplication efforts against previously reviewed documents.

By utilizing global deduplication, overall review volume decreased by 14%. With fewer documents to review, the billable hours that are associated with attorney review were also reduced generating cost savings.

With ED, the client was able to independently manage a project from creation to archival/deletion without any intervention from Epiq  resources. Lastly, it retained the necessary security restrictions so that no security breaches occurred.

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