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Case Study: Financial Services Firm Reduces Operations Spend by $500,000

  • Financial Services


A Wealth and Asset Management Company 


United States

Client need

The client, a large wealth and asset management company, needed to streamline in-house mail operations, in which 37 employees were dispersed across three locations. Costs were rising, morale was suffering, and operational inefficiencies were affecting productivity.

Client solution

Leveraging our full-service portfolio for business transformation, Epiq supported analysis and implementation from end to end. Based on detailed observation and recommendation, we developed a rollout plan that ensured training and fair treatment for employees. Our implementation methodology enabled straightforward measurement of financial and process efficiency improvement.

Epiq delivered a comprehensive assessment of current state and implemented an outsourced solution, consolidating operations and drastically reducing overhead.

Why Epiq

The client chose Epiq due to our extensive expertise and track record for innovation in business transformation, approaches, concepts and best practices in operational efficiencies. The new company leadership was confident we could deliver a holistic operational strategy and implement a roadmap for success.

Results and Benefits


reduction in headcount.


reduction in annual spend.


consolidated staff location.