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Top Five Mortgage Provider Uses Cost-Effective Method for Complete Portfolio Review

  • Financial Services

Client need

The mortgage servicer needed a more efficient and cost-effective way to review the entire portfolio identifying if they are impacted within the Statement of Intent filed document.

Vertical: Bank and Non Bank / Servicers & Subservicer

Stakeholder: Compliance & Risk, Bankruptcy

Solution: Premium Data

Risk Area: Compliance, Secured Lending, Unsecured Lending

Epiq solution

AACER's Premium Data solution automatically identifies filed statement of intent within the bankruptcy docket. The documents are reviewed by entity name and specific field level data points are extracted and electronically delivered to the client enabling only the client specific Statement of Intent to be reviewed.

Epiq result

3% of the mortgage servicer portfolio was identified by our automation as needing additional review.

Steps Involved

  1. Provide AACER with a list of cases and the data fields to be lifted from court filed documents.
  2. AACER locates, provisions and extracts the desired data fields from the documents.
  3. AACER delivers Premium Data results to customer.
  4. Customer leverages data for audits, remediations, QA or other requirements.

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