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Epiq Expands Talent Offering For In-House Counsel

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Epiq said Tuesday that it had launched a new talent offering that allows corporate legal departments to hire experienced information governance professionals for specific projects or to support staff on an hourly or fixed monthly fee basis, according to an article from Law360.

Roger Pilc, President and General Manager, Global Legal Solutions, Epiq: "The demand has been really accelerating over the last couple of years, and corporations have not been able to keep up with those needs. They might have a harder time finding talent than us with our very large pool of attorneys, and they're also saving a lot of money versus using their outside counsel law firm."

Chris Lafferty, Sales Leader, Information Governance, Epiq: "They knew that we're experts in this area, and we understood their business, and we could find folks that would fit the culture of their organization and also bring the expertise to help put together a full retention schedule and actually start to apply records management to their data."

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