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How In-House Teams Should Approach Generative AI

  • General International

Legal teams are experimenting with AI not just for contracts and other document review, but also as part of more nuanced tasks, for example, to assist in search and research, summarization and production of first drafts, and answering questions about policies, according to an article written by Epiq's Catherine J. Moynihan and published by International

Catherine J. Moynihan, Senior Director, Strategic Intelligence and Advisory, Epiq

"Let this mantra be your guide, in bringing your legal team with you on the change journey: ‘AI should work for the legal team, not the other way around.’ Involve everyone in the legal team at the very beginning of the process: get them to help decide what tasks should be supported by the technology and what should remain with the humans."

Read the full article here.

Carrie Trent
Epiq, Director of Communications & Public Relations