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Legal Tech Insights: Epiq’s Legal Solutions president talks AI strategy, data, outcomes, and red flags

Legal IT Insider

Legal IT Insider’s editor Caroline Hill sat down with Roger Pilc, president of Epiq’s Legal Solutions Business, to talk about Epiq’s AI strategy; the work it is doing with corporates and law firms around the likes of Copilot implementation; and how organisations can be assured of good outcomes when working with technology, including generative AI. 

Roger Pilc, President and General Manager, Legal Solutions, Epiq

What is Epiq’s AI Strategy?

"We created a framework four years ago called Legal Service Management, which is essentially to help every sub-component of the legal department deliver their services better. For us, AI is a powerful enabler to that end. Our AI strategy and service has four layers to it and the first is consulting."

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Carrie Trent
Epiq, Director of Communications & Public Relations